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Open Biology Biology
Practice Exercises Summary
     Human Digestion (drag and drop ) (Organs and their location)
     Human Skeleton (drag and drop ) (Name those bones)
     Eye and vision (drag and drop ) (label the Human Eye)
Life Processes
     Cells Structures and Processes (label, identify and explain)
     Mitosis Meiosis and Fertilisation (Explain cell division)
     Organs, Tissues and the body (Structure and Functions )
     Chromosomes and Biotechnology (DNA RNA and genes)
Metabolism and Respiration
     Human Health (1) (Diet, Smoking, and Drugs)
     Human Health (2) (Immunity, and Microbes)
     Digestion and Enzymes
     Circulatory System (Heart Lungs and Blood)
     Hormones growth and Life cycle
     Human Reproduction
Plant Biology
     Photosynthesis and Growth (Respiration, Transpiration )
     Plant Lifecycles (Germination, Reproduction)
     Plant Ecology (Ecology and the Environment)
Genetics and Inheritance
     Variation and the Environment
     DNA Inheritance and Evolution
     Fossils, Extinction and Inherited diseases
Food Chains and the Environment
     Food Chains, Webs and Ecosystems
     Carbon and Nitrogen cycles
     Biodiversity and Predation
     Adaption and Competition

Close Chemistry) Chemistry
     Practice Questions (Practice using this software)
Atomic Structure
     Atomic Structure (1) (Atoms, their properties and structure)
     Atomic Structure (2) (Atoms, their properties and structure)
Essential Knowledge
     Changes of State (in elements and compounds)
     Chemical Definitions (Check you know the basics 100%)
     Common Equations (Ensuring you score the easy marks)
     Common Reactions (Reactions you must know)
     Rocks and Reactivity (General principles and knowledge)
Inorganic Chemistry
     Acids and Bases (reactions of Acids and Bases)
     Metals (Metals and Redox reactions)
     Rates of Reaction You will need Graph Paper
     pH, Salts and Neutralisation (Acids and Alkalis)
     Changing Materials You need your Calculator
     Electrons & Structures (How electrons effect structures)
     Electrons & Bonding (Individual properties of elements)
     Pattern of Behaviour (1) (within Groups and Periods)
     Pattern of Behaviour (2) You will need Graph Paper
Organic Chemistry
     Organic Chemistry (Organic Chemistry )
     Oil, Fuel and Pollution (Fossil Fuels)
Quantitative Chemistry
     RAM, Moles and Grams requires calculator & periodic table
     RMM, Moles and Formulae requires calculator & periodic table
     Grams, Moles and Volume requires calculator & periodic table
     Bond Energies You need your Calculator
Water & Electrolysis
          Industrial Electrolysis You need your Calculator
          Moles and Faradays You need your Calculator
          Water as a Solvent You will need Graph Paper
Mock Exams
          Complete Inter Exam
          Complete Higher Exam

Hardware and Devices
     CPUs, RAM Memory (the internals)
     Networks, Protocols (Check your LAN's from your WAN's!)
     Input & Output (Peripherals and output devices)
     Using Peripherals (Printers scanners cameras)
Information Processing
          Control Systems (1) (Control systems in practical uses)
     Control Systems (2) (Control systems in practical uses)
          Information Systems (Data Usage and storage)
          Data Protection Privacy (Privacy and Viruses)
Desktop Publishing
          DTP (1) (Cut Paste Layout)
     DTP (2) (advanced features)
     Powerpoint (Using Powerpoint)
     HTML (Web pages)
     Word Processing (1) (Basics, Fonts, Layout)
     Word Processing (2) (mail merge, graphics)
     Word Processing (3) (advanced features)
Spreadsheets & Databases
          Spreadsheets (1) (Try to get to the end!)
     Spreadsheets (2) (manipulating data)
     Spreadsheets (3) (formulae & graphs)
     Spreadsheets (4) (exporting and importing data)
     Databases (1)(Tables, Data, Design)
     Databases (2)(Queries Forms)
     Databases (3)(importing & exporting data)
GCSE & Exam Papers
          Foundation (1) ()
          Foundation (2) ()
          Higher (1) ()
          ECDL ()
          ECDL (2) ()

Open Maths) Maths
Speed Test
     Can you finish in 3 minutes?You need your Calculator
     Algebraic Equations Part 1 Do not use a Calculator
     Algebraic Equations Part 2Do not use a Calculator
     Algebraic Equations Part 3 You need your Calculator
     ProportionalityYou need your Calculator
     Quadratic and Cubic Functions You will need Graph Paper
     Using FunctionsYou need your Calculator
     Decimals and FractionsDo not use a Calculator
     Number Sequences 2Do not use a Calculator
     Number Sequences 1Do not use a Calculator
     Ratios, Rational Numbers and Surds Do not use a Calculator
     Simple and Compound InterestYou need your Calculator
     Cumulative Frequency You will need Graph Paper
     Dispersion You need your Calculator )
     Histograms You need your Calculator
     Probability Do not use a Calculator
     Scatter diagramsDo not use a Calculator
     Circle Geometry You need your Calculator
     Congruence and SimilarityDo not use a Calculator
     Cosine Rule You need your Calculator
     Sine Rule You need your Calculator
     Tangients and VolumesYou need your Calculator
     Using Sine Cosine or Tan You need your Calculator
     Three DimensionsDo not use a Calculator
     VectorsDo not use a Calculator
GCSE style Papers
     Foundation (1) Do not use a Calculator
     Foundation (2) You need your Calculator

Open Physics) Physics
     Electricity and Magnetism
     Electrical quantities (Amps Ohms Volts Watts and all that )
     Circuits (Parallel Series)

Open Science) Science
     Familiarisation Exercise (Questions to practice on)
Foundation Biology
     Animal Biology (1)(Organs Digestion)
     Animal Biology (2)(Respiration)
     Animal Biology (3)(Genes, Reproduction)
     Plant Biology (Photosynthesis and plant growth)
     Ecology (1) (Food Chains Webs)
     Ecology (2) (Food Production)
     Diseases (Medicine and Microbes)
     Human Biology (Human anatomy)
Foundation Chemistry
     Chemistry (1) (Elements & Compounds)
     Chemistry (2) (Atoms, Electrons Valency)
     Chemistry (3) (Reactions)
     Chemistry (4) (Acids Bases pH)
     Chemistry (5) (Water, Electrolysis)
     Chemistry (6) (Organic Polymers)
     Chemistry (7) (Rocks, Ores & extraction)
Foundation Physics
     Physics 1
     Physics 2
Higher Science
Exam style Papers
     Foundation (1) (AQA style)
     Foundation (2) (OCR style)
     Higher (1) ()
     Higher (2) ()

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Chemistry Practice Exercise
11 Questions

  Uses of Radioactivity
  Composition of Earth's crust
  Extraction of metals from ores
  Calcium Carbonate
  Electricity supply cables
  Separating a Mixture
  Non Ionic Elements
  Definitions of terms
  Rust prevention
 Atomic structures (1)
 10 Questions

  Hydrogen Isotopes
  Alkali metals
     physical properties
     chemical properties
  Alkali earth metals
     physical properties
     chemical properties
  Period 3 Elements
     Carbon 14
 Atomic structures (2)
  9 Questions

  Features of Ions
  Non ionic Element features
  Multi-valent Elements
  Formulae symbols
  Covalent bonding
  Ionic bonding
  Ionoic solid properties
  Molecular solid properties
  Physical properties of Diamond
  Changes of State
  8 Questions

  Heating and cooling substances
  States and order of particles
  Interpreting an Entropy diagram
  Interpreting an Entropy diagram
  Brownian motion
  Diffusion of gases
  Hazard symbols
  Changes of State
 Chemical Definitions
 20 Questions

  Smallest part of an Element
  Column in a Periodic Table
  Groups 1 7 and 0
  Result of Chemical reaction
  Transition Elements
  Property of an Isotope
  Row in the Periodic table
  Parts of the atom
  Electrons and Valency
  Molecular Bonding
  Atomic nucleus
 Chemical Equations
 11 Questions

  Sodium & Chlorine
  Iron & Chlorine
  Sodium Bromide & Chlorine
  Magnesium & Sulphuric acid
  Calcium Carbonate & Hydrochloric acid
  Hydrogen Peroxide
  Oxygen & Methane
  Calcium Hydroxide & Carbon Dioxide
  Copper Carbonate
  Calcium Carbonate
  Calcium Oxide & Water
  Copper Oxide & Hydrogen
  Iron & Copper Sulphate
  Chemical Reactions
  11 Questions

  Measuring acidity
  An alloy
  Acid and Alkali reaction
  Reactivity of metals
  Reduction and Oxidation
  Rocks & Reactivity
  17 Questions

  Rock types
  Rock type examples
  Oil & Hydrocarbons
  Metal reactivity
 Relative Mass of electron
  Acids and Bases
  9 Questions

  Sodium Hydrocarbonate & Sulphuric acid
  Copper Oxide and & Sulphuric acid
  Magnesium & Nitric acid
  Barium Chloride
  Dibasic acids
  Sodium Hydrogen Sulphate
  Properties of acids
  Identifying acids
  Preparing Potassium Sulphate
 8 Questions

  Extraction of Lead
  Byproducts of Lead purification
  Stainless Steel
  Chromium extraction
  Balanced ionic equations
  Changing Metal electrodes
  Ni-Cad bateries
  Alkaline batteries
  Rates of Reaction
  7 Questions

  Bond Energies
    calculations &
  The Haber process &;
    effect of heat
    effect of catalyst
    effect of pressure
  Rate of reaction calculation

 pH, Salts and Neutralisation
  10 Questions

  Properties of
    acidic solutions
    alkaline solutions

  Neutralising compounds

  Preparation of
     Zinc Sulphate crystals
     Copper Sulphate crystals
     Sodium Chloride in solution       Sodium Chloride crystals
     Barium Sulphate crystals

 Solubility of Salts
  Changing Materials
  12 Questions

  Smelting Aluminium
  Isomers or isotopes
  Monomers and their polymers
  Manufacture of
     Carbon Monoxide
     Methanol and Methanal
  Uses of Alkenes
 The Blast furnace inc. reactions
  Calculating the yields of
     Calcium Oxide

  21 Questions

  Electron shells
  Electrons and Groups

  Properties of Giant Molecules

 Isomers and Carbon

 Properties of Giant Structures

 Identifying Elements from electrons and nucleons
  Electrons & Bonding
 14 Questions

 Lithium atomic structure
 Chlorine atomic structure
  Isotopes and RAM
  Identifying Elements from masses of reactants
  Nitrides rarity
  Dot & Cross diagram
  Hydrogen Chloride bonding
  Reactions of common acids
 Hydrocarbons and burning
 Patterns of Behaviour (1)
 8 Questions

  Period 2 Elements and Ions
  Period 1 Elements and Ions
  Period 2 Element Electron shells
  Period 1 Element Electron shells
  Period 2 Atomic radii
 Rate of Reaction
 Reactivity of Metals
 Patterns of Behaviour (2)
  9 Questions

  Nitrogen products and Haber process
  Reactions of Calcium Oxide
  Earth's ancient and present atmosphere
  Hydrogen Peroxide decomposition and storage
  Drawing graphs and interpret data
  Calculating Bond Energies

You will need graph paper
 Organic Chemistry
  6 Questions

  2 Carbon Organic molecules
  Fermentation and Ethanol
  Commercial production of Ethanol
  Uses of Ethanol
  Identifying 2 and 3 Carbon molecules
  Ethyne in welding
  Oil and Pollution
 9 Questions

  Distillation of Oil
  Catalytic cracking
  Constituents of petrol/gasoline
  Monomers and their Polymers
  Test for an alkene
  Properties of Ethanol
  Physical effects of burning Fossil fuels
  Chemical effects of burning Fossil fuels
  Reducing Atmospheric pollution
  RAM and Moles (1)
  10 Questions

  Measuring RAMs
  Calculating RMMs
  RAM and Avagadro's number
  Calculate grams from moles
  Calculate % mass of Elements in compounds
  Calculate molar concentrations
 Calculate formula masses

  RAM and Moles (2)
  10 Questions

  Calculating grams using RMM's
  Deducing formulae from grams of reactants
  Calculate moles from grams
  Calculating moles and molar concentration
  RAM and Moles (3)
  10 Questions

 Calculating grams from moles
 Calculating moles from grams
 Calculate grams to moles to grams
 Calculating moles in molar solutions
 Calculating grams in molar solutions
 Calculating moles grams and volume
  Calculating volume grams and moles

 Bond Energies
 6 Questions

  Calculating bond energy of Hydrogen Chloride
  Calculating bond energy of Hydrogen Bromide
  Calculating bond energy of Water
  Calculating bond energy of Methane burning
  Interpreting bond energy information -
  to make predictions

  Industrial Electrolysis
 7 Questions

  Calculating Coulombs, Faradays and grams
  Increasing rate of Electrolysis
  Industrial Electrolysis of concentrated Sodium Chloride
  Industrial Electrolysis of dilute Sodium Chloride
  Products of Electrolysis
  Electrolysis of Alumina
 Moles, Faradays and Electrolysis
  10 Questions

  Products of Electrolysis
  Electrolysis of Sulphuric acid
  Electrolysis of Hydrochloric acid
  Industrial purification of Copper
  Calculating grams from Amps in Electrolysis
  Electrolysis of Brine

  Water as a solvent
 11 Questions

 Interpreting Mineral Analysis of Water
 Hard Water and soap
 Water additives for sterilisation
 Boiling hard water
 Calculating solubility of ionic compounds
 Tests to identify clear liquids
 Solubility Temperature and Pressure
 Action of detergents

  Complete Inter Exam
 17 Questions

  Burning fuels
 pH and Alkaline solutions
 Prepare 3 salts
 Water Hardness
 Solubility of salts

  Complete Higher Exam
  16 Questions

 Word equations
 Preparation of salts
 Quantatative neutralisation
 Properties of acids and alkalines
 Organic acids