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+ MulteLearn QuiztorialsTM are divided into Foundation, Higher and the interactive graphing MulteGraph revision, to match the level you require.
+ We call these tests QuiztorialsTM because you learn as you answer each Maths revision question, just like a real Tutorial
+ Each QuiztorialTM tests specific maths topics within Algebra such as Linear Equations, in focused and progressive revision of increasing difficulty.
+ Starting with the basics in Linear Equations, progress through Foundation to Higher Tier questions
+ Learn how to solve Simultaneous Equations of increasing difficulty, by both addition and substitutuion methods.
+ MulteGraph Quiztorials use interactive 'graphpaper' to graphically solve equations and inequalities
+ QuiztorialsTM are free for online use or can be purchased as a CD for school or student usage.

Try these free online GCSE Maths Revision - Algebra QuiztorialsTM

* Solving Algebra Equations - Foundation Maths
* Linear Equations - Foundation Maths
* Linear Equations - Plotting on interactive graph paper
* Simultaneous Equations - Higher Maths
* Search for a specific GCSE Maths topic

* View all Maths revision topics covered
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